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The basic function of a home theater (also called by some, home cinema) is to reproduce or exceed the experience provided by a commercial movie theater both in the visual aspect and the audio aspect. With today’s technology this can be achieved with a large to small custom home theater installation featuring a front projection screen, a projector, etc. or in your living room with a modern 1080p flat panel TV with the appropriate audio equipment (also known as a media room).

Custom Home Theater by AV Simplified Solutions

Chattanooga Home TheaterWe are perfectly adept to designing a custom home theater with the specific vision and wishes of the home owner or working with your interior designer or  going it alone to deliver a home theater that you will enjoy for years to come.

Each custom home theater from AV Simplified Solutions is a product of several in-house disciplines working together like a symphony. Creativity and engineering come together to produce an outstanding environment for watching movies, concerts or any big media experience that you require. A home theater has its own unique complexity of aspects, it’s been our experience that it is essential to the success of a project that all of the major elements from interior design to acoustics to electronics and automation be designed and implemented as one cohesive product.

Our goal is to deliver an experience that you, your family, and your guests will enjoy for years and will become an integral part of your life and lifestyle.

Media Room Installation by AV Simplified Solutions

Chattanooga Media RoomA media room installation should consist of most of the elements of a home theater with a couple of differences. Those differences being: Usually a large flat panel LCD or plasma TV replaces the projection screen and projector. Most importantly, the media room is integrated into a smaller or existing room in the house that already serves a function such as the living room. Ideally a high grade of entertainment, control, integration and design should be maintained except, maybe the movie theater look and feel.

Audio being at least 60% of the movie experience, when the lights are down the experience of a well designed media room can rival that of a full blown custom home theater. Our goal remains the same, to deliver an experience you and your family will enjoy for years.

Your Next Step

We would be delighted if you would come by our showroom or give us a call to discuss how we can make a home theater or a media room part of your life.

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